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Business Travel

Group business travel is tricky to manage, especially when coordinating travel for multiple people to unfamiliar locations. Don’t worry about employee car rentals, which can add cost to your business account, consider a shuttle bus for all your business travel needs!

Green Ride Charter Services provides reliable transportation around {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}, and surrounding areas. Choose Green Ride Charter Services for all your business travel transportation needs. We take pride in our eco-friendly business and provide paperless ticketing. Choosing Green Ride is choosing a local business that can enrich your trip by touring you around our community. Let Green Ride Charter Services solve your business transportation needs. Schedule your shuttle here!


What are The Benefits of Using Charter Services During Business Travel?


business travel solutions



Green Ride Charter Services offers great convenience for group business travel. Instead of worrying about coordinating separate car rentals or other transportation services, you can book one shuttle bus that will accommodate everyone in your group. Shuttle services are also incredibly convenient because they provide door-to-door service to the desired destination. This makes it easier for the person planning the trip and the other business travelers since there is no need to worry about commuting.


Cost Savings 

Hiring a shuttle service for your business trip will save you overall on cost. Since shuttles are designed to accommodate larger groups of passengers, they cost significantly less per person than other transportation forms, such as rental cars or private car services. This means that you can reduce the overall expense of the trip, making it more affordable for everyone involved. Additionally, a shuttle service tends to be more eco-friendly and eco-conscious. Fewer cars are on the road means less carbon dioxide emission.



{{lpg_city}} is known as the city nestled between the mountains. It is a beautiful town to visit! While your employees are on a business trip, which tends to be stressful, they can unwind by admiring the views outside their window. They can sit back while Green Ride drives them around our beautiful town.

We have it covered wherever your conference is located, whether at a hotel or at the University. We know this town like the back of our hand! Book here to schedule your business trip transportation!


business travel solutions



Another advantage of choosing Green Ride for your business travel needs is safety. Safety is our priority. Our drivers have been fully vetted and trained to keep everyone safe during the trip. We practice safe and conscientious driving, which promises smooth rides. Your business team will not need to worry about driving on unfamiliar roads. Nor will their eyes be down on the GPS. Instead, they can enjoy the sights and need not worry about finding a gas station or making the wrong turn. Protect your team by choosing Green Ride Charter Service!


Time Management

Business meetings or conferences can be quite stressful. Give your team a break by hiring a professional shuttle service. Your business team will not need to race to the meeting on time. Our drivers are prompt and drive smoothly to the right destination. Your employees can focus on the business conference, while our employees will focus on the drive.


Team Building Opportunity 

Since your team will be stuck inside a shuttle bus together, it’ll forge a team-building experience and opportunity! Additionally, if you plan a group dinner in the evening, your team can bond and need not worry about the destination. They can enjoy the ride!


Choose Green Ride Charters 


business travel solutions

Using a shuttle service for business group travel is an excellent way to save money while ensuring everyone arrives at their destination safely and comfortably. Start planning your next corporate retreat or conference today, and get ready to experience all the benefits of choosing a shuttle service!

When you’re looking for reliable transportation for your business trip around Colorado, choose the local experts! We offer unbeatable rates and top-notch customer service — all with our environmentally green touch. Green Ride Charter Services has friendly and professional faces to make your travels easy! Contact us at 720-248-8317 for your group business trip solutions!