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Wedding Shuttle Services Create Unforgettable Memories

admin - December 21, 2022 - 0 comments

As you know, there is a lot to consider when planning your wedding. While awaiting your special day, you may be excited and joyful just thinking about finally marrying the person you love. But awaiting the actual event may also bring a slight level of anxiety since you want your wedding day to run as perfectly as possible. That’s completely normal. Though that’s a lot of pressure to live up to. Things can happen. It could rain on your big day. Or one of the bridesmaids could get a flat tire while driving to the venue. Whatever could happen, there’s one thing you can count on — a shuttle service. 

Green Charter Services knows the business of weddings. Trusted as a wedding transportation vendor in Boulder, Colorado. We can alleviate some wedding stress by taking care of all your guests’ transportation. Interested in a quote? Click here!

Here are other fun things you can spend your energy on instead of planning transportation!

wedding shuttle service

Where You Can Spend Time Planning Besides Transportation

Food & Beverages

Being able to provide your guests with delicious food and drinks is a great way to show your appreciation for them celebrating you both. Researching local caterers or asking friends and family for recommendations can help you find the perfect menu that fits your budget and taste. Additionally, if you’re looking for something different, consider adding food trucks or specialty desserts to the menu. Also, if you decide on an open bar, a shuttle service would help your guests get home safely. 

Decorations & Flowers

Spend your extra time not planning transportation by planning decorations and floral arrangements for your wedding. Choose your favorite flowers, maybe roses or peonies. Or maybe you decide to choose flowers based on their meaning. You could also personalize your venue by adding photographs of you two. This is where you could really jazz up the space and make it your own style and taste. 

Music & Entertainment

One of the most important elements of any wedding reception is having amazing music and entertainment. Whether it’s hiring a live band or DJ, planning karaoke sessions, or creating games and activities that guests can participate in throughout the evening. There are many ways to surprise them!

Choosing a Shuttle Service can alleviate some stress. Here are some extra benefits of Green Ride Charter Services. 

Benefits of a Wedding Shuttle Service 


Green Ride Charter Services employs experienced drivers who drive safely and conscientiously. Additionally, our drivers are familiar with the Coloradoan roads. So we can ensure our timely arrivals to and from the wedding venue. Plus, guest attendees typically celebrate you by toasting you. Whenever having an event with alcohol, it is for the benefit of everyone to have a responsible driver. You do not need to worry when hiring Green Ride. We are there to ensure everyone has a good time and gets home safely!

wedding shuttle service

Stress-Free Transportation 

Planning and executing transportation for large groups can be stressful and time-consuming. To take the stress away, all you need to do is call and book Green Ride Charter Services for your special day. Then reliable transportation will be set!


Having a shuttle service ensures that all of your guests will travel conveniently and safely between venues. You or they do not need to worry about parking or getting lost.  This is especially helpful if you have multiple events at different locations, or of course if some of your guests are unfamiliar with the area. 

Time Management 

When it comes time for you and your partner to make an exit, chances are you won’t want to wait around for every last guest to leave before heading off on your honeymoon. With a shuttle service, everyone can be ushered off quickly and efficiently so that you can start this new stage in life together without any delays.

Compassionate Care                   

Having a wedding shuttle service not only makes traveling between venues easier, but also shows your guests how much you appreciate them. This kind gesture shows that you want them to have the best and stress-free time. Also, Green Ride Charter Services offers compassionate care to all of your guests. 

wedding shuttle service

Green Ride Charter Services 

Let Gren Ride Charter Services ease some of your wedding planning stress. We are an eco-friendly local charter service based in Colorado. Let us help you with your wedding plans. We promise safe driving practices to ensure that all your guests get to and from your wedding venue efficiently and safely. You will not need to worry about your guests’ safety. All you need to focus on is you and your partner on your special day. Be sure to call Green Ride today, 720-248-8317, to cross booking a shuttle service of your wedding planning list. 

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